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How to become a CMIOSH?

The institute of occupational health and safety is the top membership awarding body head quartered in UK. Its membership qualifications come in different levels for learners based on their learner knowledge, certifications and experience. IOSH memberships are recognized worldwide.

The Chartered membership of IOSH shortly called as CMIOSH is one among the top highest qualifications awarded by IOSH board. I will explain here the conventional route to achieve the CMIOSH status. Before that there are two things the HSE professionals must understand. It is not simple and easy to achieve CMIOSH. On the other hand, achieving CMIOSH is not impossible.

The first and foremost thing the learner has to concentrate is getting the graduate membership of IOSH body. Now, to do that generally, the learners / OHS professionals must complete any level 6 International diploma course for example OTHM level 6 diploma in occupational health and safety. More importantly, the level 6 OHS courses must be IOSH accredited.

These are the few IOSH approved LEVEL 6 international Diploma courses,

Among these courses the easiest way is through OTHM level 6 diploma where there are no theoretical examinations, only 7 assignment completions. There are also many the other ways also to achieve graduate IOSH membership which I will mention in a separate blog. The OTHM level 6 benefits are several but the most important benefits is the completion of the course require only assignment submissions. 

The OTHM full form is “organization for tourism and hospitality management”. Although the OTHM full form in safety may vary depending the variety of safety qualifications provided by them. Now after the learners complete the level 6 international Diploma, if they apply to IOSH with their qualifications and experience. After reviewing the IOSH board may award graduate IOSH membership.

Once obtaining the graduate IOSH membership the OHS professionals must register IPD (initial professional development) scheme to progress themselves to achieve CMIOSH. Grad IOSH, CMIOSH and CFIOSH members must maintain their CPD (continual professional development). We at industrial safety academy offer OTHM level 6 Diploma course in occupational health and safety certifications. Any queries regarding OTHM level 6 fees, kindly contact our counselors at 9176909096.

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