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What is the easier route to achieve CSP? & what is a level 7 diploma in occupational health and safety management?

The Certified safety professional (CSP) is one of the top and highest preferred among international health and safety qualifications.  It is awarded by the board of certified safety professionals (BCSP). The board offers several qualifications in the related subjects of health and safety among which, CSP is the most preferred qualification.

The course equips the safety professional with wide range of information in technical knowledge involved in the OHS field. Achieving the course provides the professional with wide job opportunities across the globe. Now in order to achieve such qualification the learner must satisfy the entry requirements. In simplified form the requirements are:

The highlighted last and final requirement is the hard task to achieve. There are many qualifications under the BCSP qualified credential like:

Getting a CSP status is one hurdle but clearing the CSP examination eligibility criteria is difficult long hurdle that every applicant has to go through. Especially, the BCSP qualified credential criteria.

The transitional safety practitioner (TSP) is mainly developed to award the professionals with qualifications that meets the BCSP qualified credential standards. They have a several qualification that meets the standards. One of which is Qualifi Level 7 International Diploma in Occupational Health and safety management. It is a Qualifi Level 7 diploma in occupational health and safety management qualification awarded by European Safety Council (ESC).

The European safety council level 7 diploma online mode is provided to complete the assessment by communicating with the assessor through mails. The qualification has four units and normally would take 6 months for the learners to complete. The European safety council certificate verification can also be checked by visiting their website and clicking on the verify certificate option.

After getting this level 7 Diploma qualification from ESC, the learner can apply to BCSP board to get the Transitional Safety practitioner status. Once the status is achieved the qualification credential requirement of CSP from BCSP can be waived off. Then the learners can easily apply for the CSP examination if they have the bachelor’s degree and required experience along with TSP qualification. We at Industrial Safety offer Qaulifi Level 7 Diploma in Occupational health and safety management.

For more details on European level 7 certificates and course fee details kindly contact our counselor at 9176909096. Join us and start your CSP journey today itself!!!!!! Good luck….

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