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What is the difference between OTHM Level 6 Diploma VS Qualifi Level 7 Diploma?

Every OHS professional at some point would have wondered “what is the difference between these courses literally???” well there are a many similarities and little dissimilarity which I will explain here.

To start with a similarity, both courses are accredited and approved by Ofqual (Office of qualification and examinations regulation) UK.  Both OTHM level 6 Diploma as well as qualifi level 7 idip in ohms are graduate and above level courses in the field of health and safety. They are framed under regulated qualifications framework (RQF) and are international courses. Both courses are accredited by IOSH so learners upon completion are eligible for Grad IOSH membership.

Both the qualifications are recognized in many universities for prior learning and acknowledgement.  Upon successful completion of OTHM level 6 Diploma in occupational health and safety as well as qualifi level 7 idip in ohms the students would receive 60 credit points. The total qualification time (TQT) and guided learning hours (GLH) are nearly same for both the courses. The assessments pattern for both the courses are the same, the learner must submit their assignments for each unit for review by assessor and completion. The result of the learning outcome is graded as Pass/Fail in both the courses.

However, in differences as you can deduce from the name OTHM is a level 6 diploma and Qualifi is a level 7 diploma. The OTHM level 6 qualification is offered by OTHM and the qualifi level 7 diploma in occupational health and safety management is offered by European Safety council. If we go into course contents, OTHM level 6 Diploma have 7 modules/ units to cover while Qualifi level 7 diploma has 4 units.

One of the peculiar advantages of completing a Qualifi level 7 diploma in occupational health and safety is that, it’s accreditation by the board of certified safety professionals (BCSP). So the learner upon completion of qualifi level will eligible to apply for transitional safety practitioner (TSP) status from BCSP. All TSP holders are eligible for Certified safety professional (CSP) which one among top qualifications in health and safety field.

Both qualifications are recognized worldwide; especially the Graduate membership these courses provide is globally accepted. Its worldwide recognition opens a gate to the learners for wide range of job opportunities around the globe especially in UK and gulf countries. We at Industrial Safety Academy offer both OTHM level 6 Diploma and Qualifi level 7 Idip in OHSM. Please contact our counselor for more course details and further guidance at 9176909096.

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