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OSHA 30 Hours Construction Industry

Get your OSHA 30 hour Certification in Construction industry from best health and safety institutes in Chennai

OSHA 30 hour construction course is mainly developed to train the managerial professionals about the construction health and safety management. The course extensively covers the policies, standards and procedures involved in 29 CFR 1926.

The construction safety courses and safety officers specializing in construction safety management are in constant need throughout the world. As a learner of the course, you may understand the health and safety management in your organization by comparing the knowledge obtained in the course. There many courses available in construction safety to get certified but OSHA 30 Hours Construction industry course is where to start if you want to get a broader understanding of your course.

The given modules are separated based on the hours covered for the each one:

Mandatory – 15 hours:

Optional 3 hours:

Further learning and discussion can be carried out in either in mandatory hour or elective hour topics or also in other construction hazards. The length of each topic under learning must be one and half hour each.


The OSHA 30 hour construction is a fundamental course that has no minimum requirements.


The final examination of OSHA 30 hour construction course will be in multiple choice question formats. The learners must score 70% and above to pass as well as for certification processing.


This OSHA 30 Hour certification in construction has no validity and does not require recertification. However to brush up your knowledge in current practices and standards it is advised to retake the course after 5 years.

Other OSHA certifications:

Our institute also provides OSHA 10 hour certification in construction. For more details regarding the course kindly contact our course advisor @ 9176909096

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Yes, Industrial safety Academy provides online training for lead auditor course in Chennai

  • Online mode
  • weekend Mode
  • Regular classes
  • Evening Classes( for Working Professionals)

Yes, Its approved by Central Government of India and awarded through BSS.

Its a life long valid certificate and it doesn’t need renewal

  • Can be able to register in Employment Exchange for job opportunities
  • Eligible to Apply for membership on IIRSM(UK)
  • Initially the learner must get the safety diploma certificate attested by Ministry of External affairs and then the certification is eligible to apply for abroad jobs.

We provide online training as well as classroom trainings.

The person with any bachelor degree is eligible for safety diploma courses.

Normal course duration varies depending on the training provided. On average it takes a  one week to 9 days. Courses like ISO 45001 Lead auditor course, ISO 14001 Lead auditor course in Chennai follows this period.

This is an important question from every learning professionals, the certificate can be verified by the sending it directly to the board by mail. This can be checked only after obtaining the certification on the successful completion of the course.

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Helps to know about why safety officer requires ISO 45001:2018 Lead auditor training in Chennai

As a fresher safety diploma courses can be a best option because it provides fundamental learning about basic health and safety management in the workplace.

1.Fire and safety :

The majority of the individual modules will be focused on fire safety and rest will depend on other safety arrangements in workplace.

2.Industrial safety:

This course will discuss in detail about the hazards, consequence and controls of the different industrial sectors.

  • Construction Safety:

The course deals with the health and safety management and standards which are specific to a construction sector.

  • Industrial safety:

This course will discuss in detail about the hazards, consequence and controls which are relevant to different industrial sectors

Yes, We Industrial Safety  Academy provide all Safety diploma courses like fire and safety courses, industrial Safety courses, Construction safety courses, Oil and gas Safety courses, Delivering through Online training. Especially we have evening batch for Woking Professionals.

Regarding Course fees and Safety Career guidance course advisor contact us @ 9176909096 to know more Information

  1. Oil and Gas:

This course is focused on providing information about management of systems, procedures and arrangements in managing health and safety in a oil and gas plant.

2. Occupational Health and Safety:

This course deals with general health and safety hazards. The methods used for identifying them along with the range of control measures provided to avoid the accidents.

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