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Is IOSH equivalent to NEBOSH IGC?

        First, let me reply for the question with a simple no. Additionally, the awarding bodies for both the courses are different. IOSH managing safely certification is a level 2 qualification awarded by Institute of Occupational of safety and health (IOSH) while NEBOSH IGC is level 33 qualification awarded by National examination board in Occupational safety and health (NEBOSH).

IOSH health and safety course is preferred for all individuals for example: Safety aspirants, Project manager, engineers and other employees in all departments in an organization. It is mainly created to provide basic safety knowledge to all professionals for understanding the health and safety management systems of an organization. The learners will be able to assess and control risks, understand hazards, investigate incidents and measure performance.

However, NEBOSH IGC many learners do get the confusion between NEBOSH IGC and IOSH because NEBOSH IGC is slightly a level higher than the IOSH. Although, it is suggested that if in few cases if learners feel any difficulties, they can opt for IOSH course initially then progress to NEBOSH Course in Chennai for better understanding. And yes, NEBOSH Course in Chennai can provide learners with slightly more deeper knowledge in health and safety field. It is suggested for health and safety aspirants as well as professionals that he/she should have basic safety knowledge to have a better understanding. Furthermore, NEBOSH IGC also has a scenario based examinations and project report writing. While in IOSH, the assessment involves IOSH risk assessment.

Although, both courses are not equivalent or same there is a link with awarding bodies. IOSH board also offers variety of membership categories, which has many advantages especially in networking. With a NEBOSH IGC, the learners will be eligible for Technical Membership offered by IOSH board. With any of the above mentioned course the learner can start their health and safety career to progress further in the world of health and safety. Good luck to all learners…..

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